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The Different Issues Affecting Humans and How People Cope With Them

Learn about the issues that affect people and how different individuals cope with them through the resources and links provided by wild hope counselling and consulting. By watching the videos featured below, you will get more information about play therapy, relationships and individual vulnerabilities.

If you feel like you need to see a psychotherapist or counsellor, then I can help you. 

Resources and Links

Dr Barbara Turner on Sand Tray and Play Therapy Transcending Across Cultures

This video is a quick snapshot sand tray therapy and symbol work used in both play

therapy with children and youth and expressive therapy with adults and older adolescents.

What is a Play Therapist? And What Exactly Goes Into Their Training?

This YouTube link is Play Therapy International's new Play Therapy TV channel. It offers many clips and glimpses into our own training as a Play Therapist as well as underpinning theory from puppets to sand to body movement and more. These videos offer a great glimpse into what goes on in the play therapy room and how play therapy is a growing and recognised discipline in working with both children and adults!

Helen Fisher Ted Talks on Why We Love As Well As Why We Cheat

This is a great video to share with your partner or even your teenager in understanding the biological and emotional basis of why we experience romantic love and in understanding and making sense of the sensations of love!

Brene Brown Ted Talks on Embracing Vulnerability

This is a video that is so inspiring, humorous, and enlightening in offering a new way of looking at our own vulnerabilities and how they can strengthen our resilience in our connections to self and others.

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